Prolink September 2020 Newsletter

Personal Note

Although we will miss seeing many of you at IMTS this month we hope you are doing well and staying healthy and safe. In these difficult times Prolink has been working hard to add features and functionality that will meet the changing needs of our customers and we wanted to share some of them with you.

Product Spotlight: QC-Mobile

QC-Mobile continues to have powerful features added. This browser-based product can now provide many of the visual functions found in other Prolink products.
Specifically, Live Data now supports many features that were formerly limited to QC-CALC Real-Time and QC-CALC SPC including:
  • Trend analysis
  • True Position Target Plots
  • Control of plot colors
  • Dynamic filters to show Out of Control, Out of Spec, Trends, etc
  • Named favorites and history list for point and click selection of frequently used reports.

Additional new features include:
  • Category and Location support for more efficient data selection
  • Expanded Stat Summary Floating Bar Charts now show the median and average as well as the percentile of Upper and Lower ranges
  • New Raw Data section on Stat Summary
  • QC-CALC Real-Time and SPC Office Buddy reports can now be viewed in QC-Mobile.
  • Kiosk mode can now be linked to a named favorite part or data group.
  • New impersonation ability with QR-Codes making them easy to be used by personnel who are not trained on QC-Mobile.
  • New Ack All button on Full Views allows the acknowledgement of all flashing lights by a single click
  • Audio files can now be linked to yellow and/or red flashing lights to provide audible alarms

Learn More at an Online Demo for QC-Mobile

Did You Know?

QC-CALC Real-Time now has a built in Speed Test tool. This new feature, accessible via the Help menu, tests the standard data collection and retrieval functions of QC-CALC Real-Time and compares the results to other PCs. It allows for single or multiple tests scheduled over a period to discover if network/server traffic causes slowness during certain times of the day. The function will graphically show how a PC's speed fluctuates over time or compare it to all the other PCs running QC-CALC Real-Time in the plant. Additionally, if the PC has internet connectivity you can anonymously compare your PC's speed to the Prolink database of thousands of PCs around the world. Customers are finding this tool useful in identifying faulty network cables, routers, switches, and NET cards. See the graphical result below.

Learn more about Speed Test

Update QC-CALC Real-Time 4.0 to try out this powerful new tool if you are running QC-CALC Real-Time ver 4.0.63 or before

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