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New Features

64 bit Upgrade
As with all other Prolink v.4.2 products, QC-Mobile now runs as a 64 bit service in Windows. This allows the service to take advantage of more memory on the server and handle larger resultsets and more sessions simultaneously.
Dynamic Filtering
This new feature (available on Live Data and Stat Summary) allows the user to create record filters ad-hoc without the need for an ERS user to create the filters ahead of time. The dynamic filters created are not saved permanently although the latest is remembered between uses.
Task Home Screen Widget
This new feature allows QC-Mobile users to complete tasks that actually affect data. Tasks are created by Triggered Actions in ERS 4.2 when an issue arises with the data (i.e. out of control point) and are assigned to users and/or groups. In QC-Mobile, the user(s) that have been assigned the task can then complete the task (ex. assign an assignable cause).
System Status Screen
A new System Status screen was added to allow QC-Mobile users to see both deliverables and data collection from remote. The screen has two tabs; Deliverable Status that shows current deliverable status, next run, and popup history and Data Collection Status that shows all data collection locations, the current file and the latest date/time data collection occurred. Both screens have drill down links to view the part files as live data.
Aggregate Export Usage
Aggregate export results from ERS can now be used to render information such as home screen widgets improving performance. This allows ERS to continuously calculate the latest statistics offline and store the answers in a table. Using the results in the home screen means QC-Mobile does not have to query the data and calculate all the statistics with each page refresh.
You can now personalize QC-Mobile through the use of themes. Add a splash of color to your life with new themes.
Administrative Interface
A new and growing admin interface was added to allow settings that are normally set through the startup app to be performed via the website. This is particularly useful if the main admin does not have access to the server where QC-Mobile is installed.
Layout Mode in Live Data
The Live Data screen now boasts a new layout mode that allows multiple sets of live plots to be arranged on the screen. This makes it much easier to fit a lot of plots on the same screen similar to QC-CALC SPC groups.
Improved Home Screen
The home screen has been improved with added widgets, a fully configurable layout, and the ability to add up to 12 widgets (vs. 6 widgets in QC-Mobile 4.0). Home screen widgets can be moved and arranged to fit customer preference and then locked to prevent erroneous re-arrangment.
Part Frequency Home Widget
The new Part Frequency widget shows the frequency of measured parts per day grouped by workstation or trace field. Limits can be added so users are alerted if the number falls below acceptable levels. Tick marks with counts can be drilled down showing which part files were involved and the frequency by time of day.
First Version
This is the first version of QC-Mobile.
Live Data Plots
Live Data screen was added to allow the monitoring of live data using the familiar QC-CALC style plots. Options include the ability to show data by part file, data group, or to monitor an individual copy of QC-CALC Real-Time.
Statistical Summary
This new screen allows the ability to run statistics at the part file or data group level and then drill down to the individual characteristic. Raw data with exports to Excel was added later.
Live updating of dashboards from ERS was added shortly after release with the ability to click and drill down into a dashboard widget to live statistical results.
Full View
Full View was added for shop floor monitoring through the browser. Hotspots can be clicked, trends shown, and links to Stat Summary are provided for root cause analysis.
Snapshots allow either display by Part File or by Snapshot itself. Add record filtering and quickly see characteristic capability through the graphical style of a picture of the actual part or CAD drawing.