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What Are Maintenance Plans?

Maintenance Plans are software/validation upgrade and support plans that can be purchased and are based on the amount of software and validation packages you currently own.

NOTE: If you are not in the medical industry, you do not require validation packages.

While a Maintenance Plan is in effect, you are entitled to any number of FREE upgrades to your products as they become eligible for upgrades.  Upgrades are defined as changes to the major or minor version number and are enhancements to the software (i.e. switching from version 3.0 to 3.1 OR from 3.0 to 4.0). Please note that products can only be supported and upgraded if they are within two versions of the current version. The current minimum version that qualifies for support and upgrades is: 3.2

While a Maintenance Plan is in effect, you get unlimited support for your products including phone, email, and website support. Without a Maintenance Plan in effect, only email and website support are available.

NOTE: Email and website support are always FREE regardless of whether or not you have a Maintenance Plan.

Training Discount**
While a Maintenance Plan is in effect, you are entitled to 10% off the price of training and/or implementation.

More Votes**
Using our Feature Request screen, you get 5 times more votes when you purchase maintenance. This allows you to put priority on the features Prolink is adding to our software.

** Only included with purchased maintenance
A Word About Updates
Updates are defined as changes to the revision number and generally include small enhancements and bug fixes (i.e. switching from 3.0.122 to 3.0.134).  Updates are always FREE regardless of whether or not you have a Maintenance Plan.

Why Purchase a Maintenance Plan?
In addition to the Premium Support Calls, Prolink typically releases new versions of the software around once per year. If you were to buy each upgrade when it was available, it would likely cost you more money than if you have a Maintenance Plan in place.  Maintenance Plans are like an insurance policy against possible upgrades.  Upgrades are currently priced at 25% of the original purchase price.

How do I purchase a Maintenance Plan?
If you would like to purchase a Maintenance Plan, please give us a call at 860-659-5928, option 2 and we would be glad to provide you a quote and any help you need.

Available Plans:
12 Month Maintenance Plan20% of Product Price
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